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Iznik is famous not only for being a capital of the Ottoman Empire in 12th and 13th centuries, but also for the ceramics named after it. With their combination of marvelous designs and colors, Iznik ceramics and tiles are one of the most significant members of Turkish Art. The 16th century was the ''Golden Age'' for Iznik ceramics.

Blue and white are the principle colors of white-bodied Iznik ceramics.

Over time, the blue gets lighter from a dark cobalt blue to pale turquoise. 'Turquoise,' named after the country of Turkey, becomes the dominant color in time.

Later the addition of a misty purple and green ushered in a period of more naturalistic style.

Flowers like carnations, tulips and roses are the new designs of this period and also contribute to the more naturalistic style.

Almost all ceramics have slightly raised red under the transparent glaze after the mid 16th century.